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About Us



Years ago Mr. Harry Moll, Owner of "THE MOLL WELDING SHOP" developed a new product that was not only easy to use, but strong and reliable. He named this product THE MOLL EASEL. In 1978 R.M. Davis Incorporated purchased the rights to build the Moll easel. In 2013 R.M. Davis Inc. sold the rights once again to Metzger's Precision Electric L.L.C.  As the new owners we will continue to provide the customer with the same great products that they have come to know and love.

Easels need to be sturdy and strong, but at the same time need to be easy to use and move. That's why we are committed to continuing to provide the finest easel money can buy. The materials we use are top quality only. Our easel's features are 14 gauge, 1 1/4 inch outside diameter steel tubing, and hardened set screws. The set screws are used to lock the canvas clamps in place and support the legs. All of our materials are saw cut and mig welded.  These qualities provide an excellent product. This easel is completely functional and strong, yet only weighs about twenty pounds. We are confident you can not find a better easel at any price.

We are currently developing new manufacturing methods to help speed up the manufacturing process so you can get your product in less time.

Please browse through our web page to learn more about our easels and the prices.